Celebrate International Women’s Day

Celebrate International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day and the month of March is Women’s History Month. As we celebrate, we want to take a moment to recognize and celebrate the women in our downtown who are making a difference every day. We are grateful for and proud of the many female business owners and women in leadership who are shaping our community and driving our downtown forward.

Women have been an important part of our city’s history from the beginning. From the first female entrepreneurs who opened businesses in our downtown area to the trailblazing women who have led our city government and civic organizations, women have been at the forefront of our community’s growth and success.

Today, we are fortunate to have many successful and innovative female-owned businesses in our city. From restaurants, coffee shops, and bars to boutiques, spas, and creative studios, these women are bringing new ideas and energy to our economy and creating jobs for our community. They are breaking down barriers and proving that women can be successful and powerful in the world of business.

We are also proud of the many women who hold leadership positions in our city government and community organizations. From the City Council to our own office at the Downtown Oklahoma City Partnership, women are playing a critical role in shaping the policies and programs that impact our city and its residents. They bring a unique perspective and a commitment to equity and inclusion that is vital to the success of our community.

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, we want to say thank you to all of the women in our city who are making a difference. Your contributions are invaluable, and we are grateful for everything you do. We pledge to continue supporting and empowering women in our community and to work together to create a more inclusive and equitable future for everyone.

To all the women in our city and beyond, we support you, we appreciate you, and we celebrate you this International Women’s Day.