New Art Installation: The Kiss

A new public art sculpture installed in Downtown Oklahoma City 

The Kiss by artist Klint Schor
Public Art Reception
Nov. 15, 9-9:30 AM
NW Corner of Robert S. Kerr and Robinson Ave.

A new public art sculpture entitled The Kiss has been installed in downtown Oklahoma City, created by artist Klint Schor.

The artwork was commissioned in 2017 by Downtown OKC Initiatives through the Artist Invitational, a call for local artists to submit their ideas for public art and placemaking in downtown Oklahoma City that doubled in purpose: to inspire conversation and wonder downtown and to activate space in the urban core.

What made The Kiss stand out and be chosen for this installation

The kiss presented here shows no gender, ethnicity, or religious belief. It is an unassuming, intimate moment of two figures united. It is not only the obvious gesture, but it is also literally the physical connection point of the two separate pieces coming together, retaining their individuality but requiring each to support the other, giving the sculpture its stability and reinforcing the notion of a kiss/love. – Klint Schor

We hope that locals and visitors will enjoy the opportunity to use The Kiss as a background for a celebration in their lives, whether small or big…and maybe a kiss,said Allison Barta Bailey, a member of the Downtown OKC Initiatives Board of Directors. 

For me, it’s about love and hope. By leaving the details of the heads vague, my desire is that viewers will see themselves and come away with the awareness that we are all seeking a better life for ourselves and our loved ones, and maybe that commonality will unite us. – Klint Schor

The Kiss art installation has been in the making since 2017

In 2017, the piece was commissioned with a site in mind but not secured. Downtown OKC Initiatives and the artist pursued multiple locations but to no avail. In 2019, it was determined to donate the artwork to the Oklahoma Hall of Fame for a planned sculpture garden as a perfect complement to the weddings and celebrations at the museum. Klint began fabricating and completed the sculpture. However, in March 2020, plans for the sculpture garden were canceled due to the pandemic. 

Efforts to secure a new downtown location continued. “There was one location we realized we had not seriously explored, a perfect location that had been hiding quite literally in plain sight on the northeast corner of Robinson and Kerr at Oklahoma Commons. I can see it from my office window,” said Kristen Vails, Director of Place Management for Downtown OKC Partnership. DOKC Initiatives enlisted the help of Mark Beffort with Robinson Park in its pursuit of the northeast corner of Oklahoma Commons. With Beffort’s leadership and the support of the Oklahoma Commons Owners Association, the sculpture’s location was finalized in 2023. 


As challenging as this project was, this location demonstrates the importance of perseverance. The artist, board members, and staff were all passionate about this sculpture and what it could bring to downtown; it just required us to persevere through six years of red tape to find the perfect time and place. It was worth it.  – Kristen Vails

Art enthusiasts and community members are invited to celebrate downtown OKC’s newest public art sculpture, The Kiss by Klint Schor, on Wednesday, Nov. 15, from 9 to 9:30 a.m., at the northeast corner of N. Robinson Avenue and Robert S. Kerr. Refreshments will be available for purchase from Junction Coffee. 

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