10 Buck Lunch Week is Back!

Midtown OKC’s popular lunch-time event is back!

Want to grab lunch at your favorite Midtown restaurant or try a new one at a price that won’t break the bank? Then you’re in luck because Ten Buck Lunch Week is coming back!😎

August 21 – 25, from 11 AM – 2 PM, 21 participating Midtown restaurants are featuring $10 lunches in downtown Oklahoma City. Encouraging folks to visit Midtown and support local businesses on their lunch break. (Check the full list of specials from 21 different restaurants!)

Jakey Dobbs, Midtown District Manager, first conceived the idea for the promotion after talking with area restaurant owners about the need to increase lunchtime traffic in the district.

“Post the COVID pandemic, the lunch crowd had really lessened, and they were having a much slower lunch crowd. Getting people through the door during 10 Buck Lunch Week allows them to discover new restaurants they may not have visited before,” Dobbs said.  “Hopefully, leading them to return in the future for another lunch, happy hour, dinner, or something else,” she continued.

McNellie’s Public House 10 Buck Lunch Week Special Fish Tacos

Participating businesses saw an increase in foot traffic during 10 Buck Lunch Week

Brian Pittman, General Manager at McNellie’s Public House, mentioned  a similar sentiment on how 10 Buck Lunch Week benefited their business and why they chose to participate again.

We were quite surprised and excited by how many extra guests visited McNellie’s during the last promotion. We anticipated a slight increase, but we really did not know exactly what to expect with it being the first time. It was a really great success for us, and we have had several repeat guests who have returned after visiting us for the first time during that promotion.” – Brian Pittman

As Pittman mentioned, when 10 Buck Lunch Week premiered February 20 –24, 2023, it was an overwhelming hit. It brought a surplus of business to the district not only during that week but introduced new consistent patrons to the restaurants. The event accomplished precisely what Dobbs and the business owners in Midtown hoped for.

Molly Grenier, Managing Partner and Director of Operations at Hall’s Pizza Kitchen, recalled the first 10 Buck Lunch Week and why Hall’s Pizza Kitchen also decided to participate again.

Hall’s Pizza Kitchen’s 10 Buck Lunch Special Slice of pizza + small salad

You could feel the energy in the district and in the lunch crowd all around Midtown. It was fun feeling that push from people collectively showing up. And for us, it’s important to be a part of when the district does something exciting like this.” – Molly Grenier

August’s 10 Buck Lunch Week will be even better than the last

This time the number of participating restaurants went from 19 to 21, with even more wanting to join the promotion due to the success of the first round.

Like the last 10 Buck Lunch Week, this event will offer a variety of $10 lunch specials, including sandwiches, salads, entrees, drinks, and more. The promotion is guaranteed for dine-in only; availability for take-out is subject to each restaurant.

Midtown is located along the OKC Streetcar route in a highly convenient location for workers in the business district and adjacent neighborhoods to access. Midtown’s location makes it quick and easy for people from surrounding areas to stop by on their lunch break and participate in the event before returning to work.

“10 Buck Lunch Week is a great way to try new restaurants and save money on lunch,” said Dobbs. “We hope you’ll join us in Midtown for a delicious and affordable lunch.”

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