Midtown’s 10 Buck Lunch Week

Midtown’s 10 Buck Lunch Week

Are you looking for an easy and affordable way to try new restaurants in Midtown? Look no further than Mitown’s 10 Buck Lunch Week! For one week, participating restaurants will be offering delicious lunch specials for just $10. Whether you’re dining alone or with a group, 10 Buck Lunch Week is a great way to explore new flavors and restaurants without breaking the bank. The event will kick off on Monday, February 20th and run through Friday, February 24th at participating restaurants from 11am-2pm in hopes of encouraging folks to visit Midtown and support local businesses on their lunch break.

The event was created by Midtown District Manager, Jakey Dobbs, after talking with Midtown restaurants and learning there was a common theme regarding slower lunch crowds since the pandemic. She also realized that many people are facing hardships with the rising costs of goods and services, making customers more aware of their spending habits and more likely to bring their lunch to work and eat out less. 10 Buck Lunch Week aims to draw diners in with the promise of a great deal and a fun way to try new restaurants.

10 Buck Lunch Week isn’t just about offering diners an affordable lunch, it’s also an opportunity to introduce them to the wonderful variety of restaurants Midtown has to offer, hopefully making them repeat customers in the future. Not only will visitors be able to sample great food, but they’ll also be supporting local and small businesses, making it a win-win!

“It is more important than ever to support local restaurants because the money you spend goes directly into the pockets of your neighbors and community,” said Dobbs. “Midtown’s 10 Buck Lunch Week is the perfect opportunity to catch up with friends and coworkers over a delicious meal. Step out of your comfort zone and try a new restaurant or stop by your favorite spot in Midtown.”

Set aside a few days to park, walk, or ride to the district during 10 Buck Lunch Week, or participate all five days! Whether you’re looking for something upscale or something casual, Midtown has something for everyone. With so many different restaurants taking part in the event, there’s no telling where your next tasty lunch could come from. You can view each of the participating restaurants, along with their lunch menu for the week, by visiting midtownokc.com. Specials are only guaranteed during event hours, February 20th-24th from 11am-2pm.

Don’t let the fun stop with 10 Buck Lunch Week, there is more to look forward to in Midtown this Spring! Save the date for Midtown Walkabout taking place on Saturday, April 15th from noon to 4pm. This bi-annual event features promotions and specials from your favorite shops and restaurants, live music, family-friendly programming, and much more. We hope to see you soon in Midtown.