The Downtown OKC Initiatives’ Mural Match program encourages the private installation of murals downtown by providing 25% of total project costs up to $5,000 to property owners who apply. Read more below about the criteria grant application process and criteria below.


The DOKC Initiatives Mural Match program is intended to encourage and support the installation of murals on private property within Downtown OKC. 

Application & Funding Details  

  • Applications should be completed and submitted by the property owner or entity responsible for coordinating the mural project. 
  • Approved applications will be funded at up to 25% of total cost of mural. The total contribution shall not exceed $5,000. Mural project budget and/or artist agreement may be requested. 
  • Payment will be issued to entity who is responsible for artist compensation. 
  • Payment will be issued upon the completion of the mural project. 

 Mural Project Criteria 

  • Proposed location of mural project must be in the greater downtown Oklahoma City area, which is defined as NW 13th Street to 1-40 and Western Ave. to Lottie Ave. 
  • Funded mural project artists will be required to provide a VARA Waiver to applicant/property owner. DOKC Initiatives is not responsible for agreements/contracts between artist and applicant. 
  • All selected mural projects must go through the proper permitting process with the City of Oklahoma City. This may include:
    • Arts Commission (all projects) 
    • Downtown Design Review or Bricktown Urban Design Commission (depending on location) 
    • OKC Development Services for murals that are mechanically attached to a structure 
    • Please contact Arts & Cultural Affairs at okcarts@okc.gov for information and assistance 


  • Submittal deadlines are 90 days before anticipated mural installation
  • Supporting documents to include with application: 
    • Letter of support from property owner (if applicant is not the owner of the property) 
    • Site plan (image of wall with dimensions of mural) 
    • Example/portfolio of artist previous work 
    • Renderings of proposed mural if available
    • Email completed application (with supporting documentation) to Kristen Vails, Director of Place Management: kristen@downtownokc.com  


Past Mural Match Projects:

Life in the Light, Denise Duong, 2018

Bricktown OKCtopus, Jack Fowler, 2017

Braid, Dylan Bradway, Yatika Starr Fields, and Kristopher Kanaly, 2015


Downtown Oklahoma City Initiatives, a 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to combat community deterioration through public art, beautification projects, and placemaking. The nonprofit funds projects through various grant programs and hosts several call for artists to submit their ideas on how they would improve downtown through art.

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