Planting Roots in Midtown

Christina Carter and Brenda Flores, owners of Plant People

Plant People Shop is about much more than just the plants. In 2020 Christina Carter and Brenda Flores created a mobile shop with a goal to bring the community together.

“We were excited at the opportunity to take an adorable, old tiny house out of storage, and turn it into a tiny house plant shop,” the owners reminisced. “During a pandemic and with all its uncertainties, we were making a dream come true for us. Our business came together over tacos and Christina’s awesome Bloody Mary’s while sitting on her deck and talking about how the pandemic affected our jobs and our sanity at the time. From there, Plant People was born.”

The tiny house plant shop became an easily accessible space in Midtown where friends and neighbors could meet and talk about all things plants. Now, Christina and Brenda are excited about replicating their concept in a brick-and-mortar.

“We want the experience people had shopping with us to go wherever we are. Our goal is to create a space that goes beyond just buying a plant because you can do that anywhere,” said Christina. “We want a plant shop that you leave with more knowledge than you may have come in with, a plant shop that acknowledges your value right at the door, and that you can’t wait to visit again, even if it’s just to say hello!”

Plant People won’t be moving too far. Their new, permanently planted, shop will be located at 1212 N. Hudson next to Elk Valley Brewery. “The tiny house was an amazing beginning for Plant People, and now our ideas will have room to grow! Plus, we get to stick around Midtown, which we love because all of the neighbors here make us feel right at home,” said Brenda.

While Plant People are currently in between homes, you can find them popped up at different locations and events around the city. Follow their social media, @plantpeopleshop, for up-to-date information on where you can shop their plants, and look for updates on the opening of their new storefront.


Originally published in What’s Up Downtown E-Newsletter №141: Midweek Roundup of News + Events

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