Bricktown Okctopus, 2016
Enamel on Concrete
By Jack Fowler
The 200 feet long and 25 feet tall octopus mural by Jack Fowler can be found on the north side of the Chevy Events Center, 429 E California Avenue. 


  • The first okctopus was discovered in 1972 by Hollywood icon Gene Hackman
  • Although now illegal in most countries, okctopus ink is a tasty and low-calorie alternative to gravy
  • Okctopuses used to mate for life back in the 1950s but now not so much
  • The first okctopus ever elected to public office was Sharonda Hightower, who became City Manager of York, Pennsylvania in 2004
  • "Octopus's Garden" is the Beatles' worst-ever song
  • The word "okctopus" is Irish, meaning "forest horse" 

There are 88 hidden images painted in the Bricktown Okctopus. See the full list below:

Flower, Gonzo Fist, Peace Fingers, Hawk, Hammer, High-Heeled Shoe, Cowboy Boot, Africa, Heavy Metal Fingers, Abe Lincoln, Bunny Rabbit, Guitar, Fork, Sword, Levon Fowler (Artist’s Dog), Cowboy Hat, Baseball Bat, Sunglasses, Alligator, Butterfly, Ballet Dancer, JF 2016, Shamrock, Giraffe, Feather, Tomahawk, Arrowhead, Candle, Longhorn, Horseshoe, Star, Toenail Clippers, Tiger Paw, Bugle, The Number 8, Shark, Whale, Gecko, Wine Glass, Football, Bottle, Airplane, Pickup Truck, Bird, Dinosaur, Book, Paintbrush, Tiger Face, Handprint, Footprint, Pine Tree, Fish, 80s Telephone, Cat, Middle Creek Brand (Backwards "R" attached to backwards "L"), Deer Track, Music Notes, Raindrops, Bug, Saxophone, Pipe, Turkey Track, Boom Box, Acorn, Tooth, Pig, Adidas Sneaker, Chess Knight, Snake, Light Bulb, Check Mark, Eye, Unicorn, Peach, Knife, Key, Umbrella, Elephant, Bear Track, Nose, Scissors, Jellyfish, Ninja, Saw, Kite, Rooster, Domino, and Cactus.