What is a parklet?

A parklet is a temporary, pop-up park. Parklets are built in areas usually devoted to cars, most commonly in metered parking spaces. Parklets repurpose part of the street next to the sidewalk into a public space for people. These small parks provide amenities like seating, landscaping, bicycle parking, and art.

What can you do at a parklet?

  • Grab food or drinks from a nearby restaurant to enjoy outside
  • Meet a friend before an Oklahoma City Dodgers game
  • Catch up on your e-mail
  • Take a break on a bike ride through downtown
  • Watch a pick-up volleyball game at the Bricktown Beach in the summer months
  • Read a book

Why are parklets important?

Parklets aim to increase public green space while also incentivizing the public to walk and be less reliant on the use of cars in urban settings. Parklets are part of a growing trend which many cities are adopting–prioritizing people over cars. Parklets enhance street life and add value to a community. They support local businesses, create a sense of place in neighborhoods, create a streetscape that’s interesting and walkable for residents and visitors.

Parklet Goals:

  • Reimagine the potential of city streets
  • Encourage non-motorized transportation
  • Make it easier for people to choose to bicycle by offering bike parking
  • Foster neighborhood interaction
  • Support local businesses

Where did the parklet originate?

The parklet idea originated with Rebar, a San Francisco design group that temporarily took over a parking space in 2005 and reappropriated it for the public. This action inspired a larger national movement called PARK(ing) Day – which has taken place one day in September every year since – that started a dialogue on the need for more public spaces in cities.

About the Bricktown Parklet: The Bricktown Parklet is located in Bricktown and was purchased by The Bricktown Association and Downtown Oklahoma City Partnership in 2016 as a placemaking project to create additional seating in downtown OKC’s entertainment district.

Location: 2 S. Mickey Mantle Dr. (located on Mickey Mantle on the west side of the Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark)

Hours of Operation: Daily, 6am-Midnight. Free of charge and open to the public.