The Downtown Oklahoma City Business Improvement District (BID) requests property owner support for renewal of the BID. Signatures from more than 50% of downtown property owners are required for renewal. The City Council will approve the renewal next summer. In the meantime, the BID will continue its services and the renewed BID will go into effect October 1, 2020.

Since 2000, the Downtown Business Improvement District, managed by the Downtown Oklahoma City Partnership (DOKC), has been dedicated to creating and promoting a vibrant downtown through clean and safe programs, advocacy, and promotion. These programs and services have been a big part of downtown’s resurgence over the last 20 years.

The BID is the primary way the DOKC and each of the sub-districts are funded. The City of Oklahoma City assesses properties within the BID each year depending on the services needed/desired by the various boards of directors. The City invoices the property owner for their specific contribution based on location, amenities, property value, and street frontage, then contracts with DOKC to provide programs and services including but not limited to:

  • Trash collection, landscaping, street vacuuming, power washing, bird and pest control
  • Maintenance of the Bricktown Canal, Underground tunnels, bocce ball courts, and community basketball court
  • Marketing and advertising for downtown and all sub-districts
  • Production of more than 25 special events and programs per year
  • Downtown Guides hospitality program and hiring of supplemental security officers
  • Wayfinding signage, district ID markers, and pole banners
  • Contributions to community partners such as Myriad Gardens, Homeless Alliance, and City Care
  • Website and social media management for all downtown sub-districts and a weekly e-newsletter
  • Board management, budgeting and bookkeeping for each sub-district, where applicable
  • Purchase and installation of benches, trashcans, and bike racks
  • Placemaking, public art, and other special projects
  • Serve as an advocate for all downtown stakeholders regarding issues impacting downtown including construction, parking, homelessness, economic development, and retailer support
  • Portion of DOKC office, overhead, and salaries

All BID funds are spent on improvements within the BID service zone on the map below.

For any questions about the BID renewal process or the BID in general, please contact our office at (405) 235-3500. Thank you so much for your engagement and continued support.

City Council Meeting Dates
May 26, 2020
Resolution #1: Request Operating Plan, Petitions due to City

July 21, 2020
Resolution #2: Propose public hearing

August 18, 2020
Resolution #3: Create/renew the BID

September 1, 2020
Resolution #4: Propose public hearing; Introduce ordinance

September 29, 2020
Resolution #5: Adopt assessment roll